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    Welcome to Gawah Rinjani Trek, Licensed Tour and Travel company based in Senaru village the main route to climb Rinjani mountain from the north of Lombok island. Offers all trekking package Mount Rinjani Lombok via Sembalun and Senaru ascent routes with private or share options package to suit your need with best service provided by experienced and licensed tour operator, guide and porters Senaru. Keeping the environment clean and nature conservation of Mount Rinjani from all aspects of the activities of the climbers, guide and porter and also we consistently planted trees at the beginning of the rainy season in December every years.

    Mount Rinjani Trekking Package Via Sembalun

    Trekking Rinjani Indonesia via Sembalun village in east Lombok ascent route to explore Mt. Rinjani start on 1.150 m. above sea level to crater Rim Sembalun 2.639 m, summit 3.726 m (2 days 1 night summit only for experienced hiker or who with good level of fitness), down to the lake and hot spring 2.000 m, up to crater rim Senaru 2.641 m then last day down to Senaru village 601 m (3 days and 4 days trip package to summit and lake suitable for beginner hiker with good level of fitness).

    2D-1N Summit

    For good level of fitness

    trekking rinjani summit Trekking package Summit 2 days 1 night package start from Sembalun to the Pelawangan Sembalun then summit and back to Sembalun village. Learn More

    3D-2N Summit-Lake

    Suitable for advance hiker

    hiking mount rinjani Mount Rinjani Trekking package 3 days 2 nights starting from Sembalun to the Plawangan Sembalun, summit, Lake and down to Senaru village. Learn More

    4D-3N Summit-Lake

    Best for beginner hiker

    trekking package Hiking Rinjani 4 days 3 nights Summit and Lake Segara Anak start Sembalun to the Plawangan Sembalun, summit, Lake and down to the Senaru. Learn More

    Mount Rinjani Hiking Packages Via Senaru

    Hiking Rinjani via Senaru village, North of Lombok ascent route to explore Mount Rinjani Lombok, starting from Senaru village 601 m. asl (above sea level) to crater Rim Senaru 2.641 m, down to the lake and also hot spring 2.000 m (2 days 1 night crater rim Senaru or 3 days 2 night to the lake suitable for beginner hiker), or up to crater rim Sembalun 2.639 m, climb to summit 3.726 m, and finally on last day down to Sembalun village 1.150 m (4 days 3 nights lake and summit via Senaru suitable for experienced hiker).

    2D-1N Rim Senaru

    Best for begiiner

    rinjani trekking organizer Rinjani Trekking Package to Crater rim 2 days 1 night start from Senaru village to the crater rim, enjoy with the amazing panorama, overnight in tent and next day return to Senaru village. Read More

    3D-2N Volcano-Lake

    Suitable for beginner

    trek mt rinjani Trekking Rinjani to Crater rim Senaru and Segara Anak Lake 3 days 2 nights package start from Senaru village to the crater rim Senaru, Segara Anak Lake and return to Senaru village Read More

    4D-3N Lake-Summit

    Required good level of fitness

    climb mount rinjani Trekking package to summit Rinjani via Senaru 4 days 3 nights start from Senaru village to the crater rim Senaru, Segara Anak Lake, summit Rinjani and down to Sembalun village. Read More

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    There are flights from Bali, Jakarta, and Surabaya (some linking to Kuala Lumpur) and from Singapore to Lombok and from these and Bandung, Kupang and Ende to Bima.

    • Garuda, Merpati, Air Asia , Malaysia Airlines and Lion Air all have regular flights to Lombok from Jakarta, Denpasar, Surabaya and Kuala Lumpur.
    • Silk Air has regular flights direct from Singapore to Mataram.
    • Merpati fly five times a day from Denpasar to Mataram as well Merpati offers regular services from Denpasar to Bima.
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    Summit, Lake, new Volcano and more

    Over 20 villages surround Mt. Rinjani and there are many routes up the mountain, but the main access is from Senaru in the north and Sembalun Lawang to the east.

    Gunung Rinjani national park lies within the major transition zone (Wallace) where the flora and fauna of south East Asia makes a dramatic transition into that which is typical of Australia. The park has a rich variety of plants and animals, although they can be hard to spot due to the terrain and rainforest cover.

    Sometimes seen early in the morning is the morning is the rare black Ebony leaf monkey, know locally as lutung. The long tailed gray macaque of kera is common in Lombok and order males are seen on the crater rim.

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    Below are list of items you should carry during the Rinjani trek program. All Items to be packed in a small backpack no more than 5 kgs.

    The rest of the equipments: food & beverages, cooking utensils, tents, sleeping bags, guide and porters, etc are provided by Gawah Rinjani. Torch or Flashlight, Toiletries, Sun block/lotion, hat/cap, sun glasses, Spray for muscle/balm, Insect repellent, Camera, Handicam (Manual or Digital), Extra rolls film for manual camera or fully charged extra battery for digital, Small towel, 2/3 pcs of T-Shirts, Long trek pants/wind proof, Windproof Jacket, 2 pcs of shorts, Trek stick/lekki (optional)

    NOTE: Your luggage can be storage at our office during the Rinjani trekking activity. Bring only what you need, the rest leave them in our office or at our base camp Some cash for tipping the guide and porters is recommended.

    So how do you choose between Senaru and Sembalun?

    If you want to the peak, then you will go through Sembalun, equipped with climbing easier (mostly flat) through the meadows to the base of the peak. The down side is that you will walk in the sun all the time.

    However, if you are absolutely sure you will not attempt the summit, you have to go through Senaru, which will take you through the non-stop steep ascent through the rain forest and rocky climb is quite difficult in the last leg. This is the route that is more beautiful and shaded from Sembalun, but you can not reach the top in two days.

    If you travel, you do not have to worry about choosing because you will hit both sides. However, if you are wondering whether to start from Sembalun or Senaru, may come to when you want to the peak. If you want to the peak earlier in the trip, and then select Sembalun. If not, then select Senaru.

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